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Celine Dion's new show opens at Caesars Palace

The entertainment scene is always buzzing in Las Vegas and no less so now.

Celine Dion

Cher ended her run at Caesars Palace Coliseum. Who would replace her? No less than that Vegas legend Celine Dion, who started a new four-day-a-week show in March 2011. The initial run is for six months, but news reports and good old Las Vegas rumour bubble that should the first installment go well, it could be extended for a three-year move. Word has it that fellow Canadian singer Shania Twain is in talks to sub another show for Celine when the French-Canadian diva is away. In any case, the first shows have been sold out and received breathless reviews.

Discounted tickets

If you can wait until the day of the show to buy Las Vegas tickets you can really save. In the beginning there were a few booths scattered about town selling discounted show tickets. They’ve been so successful, in part because of the need for the producers of the shows to keep people in the seats even as the economy cratered, so the discount ticket industry in Las Vegas has exploded. Now almost every major business in the Downtown and Strip areas have a discount ticket booth near them and you can buy show tickets at 30–50% off the advertised prices. Even tickets that were once hard to get, like the numerous Cirque du Soleil® shows, can sometimes be had at a fraction of the cost. The key is to be flexible, and hit the booths early enough (between 8–10am) to get the best selection for the day. Just ask a person at the front desk where you are staying where to find the nearest booth.

Brit Tip

Want to get a VIP seat at a great price? First buy a discounted ticket for the cheapest seat available for the show you want to attend. The clerk at the discount booth will give you a voucher to take to the show’s ticket office. Once there, ask the person processing your voucher if there are VIP or other tickets you can upgrade to. Many times, the fee to upgrade to the best seats would be less than the extra you’d pay to purchase the best tickets in advance. If there are several VIP seats open, they may even give you a free upgrade!

Special shows

Also, do a little research before you come. Las Vegas is always awash with headline comedians, singers and other entertainers who come for a single night or a weekend, while almost every band’s world tour hits Las Vegas at some point. Plus Las Vegas is universal central for athletic events like boxing, mixed martial arts and car racing. You never know who will be there unless you check. Three good sites to check for special shows and events are, and

 New and relocated shows

In any case, the last year has brought a raft of new and relocated shows so here is a brief update on the most important.



Show Location & times Phone Review Rating Tickets
Absinthe Caesars Palace 7:30pm all nights except Monday 01-702-785-5394 ‘Imagine Cirque du Soleil as channelled through Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is what the New York Times said. This we know because the show quotes the line four times on their web page. It is located in a circus tent and is part beer garden and part risqué theater-in-the-round. Unrated, but we expect this to be a similar to Zumanity but with less nudity. Check the weather, since this is in an outdoor theatre in front of Caesars Palace $69–$99 US + tax
Celine Caesars Palace Coliseum 7:30pm Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat 01-702 866-1400 Celine Dion left her historical five year run of her Las Vegas Show ‘A New Day’ to spend two years on a world tour. Now she’s back for a six-month engagement from March to August 2011 but that is rumoured to be extended. Not rated but expected to be fabulous $55–$250
Gladys Knight Tropicana 8pm Tues–Thurs; 9pm Fri–Sat   The iconic ‘Queen of Soul’ starts a run at the newly named Gladys Knight Theater. ‘A Mic and a Light’ will showcase fan favorites such as ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’, as well as newer hits including her December 2010 single, ‘Settle’. Unrated General admission $65, VIP $75
Sinatra Dance With Me Encore 7:30pm every night except Sunday 01-702-7709-966 Once scheduled to be cancelled, this tribute to Sinatra was re-energized and extended. *** Great show for Sinatra buffs, otherwise there are other shows better for the price $95+tax Many discounted tickets available at discount booths
Viva ELVIS Aria Resort at CityCenter Two shows, 7 and 9:30pm, dark Sunday 01-702- 590- 7757 This Cirque du Soleil® production pays tribute to Elvis’s music and life, fusing dance and acrobatics, live music and iconic tracks, nostalgia and modernity, high technology and raw emotion. In short, the show is in Elvis’s image: powerful, sexy, whimsical and truly unique. The creative combination of live musicians and singers, projections, dance and the latest multimedia sound and lighting technology stimulate the senses. If you’re a die-hard Elvis fan, you might have to hold back the tears of emotion. Unrated, but we expect you won’t be disappointed. Blue suede shoes at the ready! Range from $69–$175.