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Getting married

Little Chapel of the Flowers

Scores of Las Vegas wedding chapels serve up fast and convenient marriage packages for visitors. In fact one, Chapel of the Flowers, provided ceremonies for 738 couples from England and Ireland, exclusive of Wales and Scotland, in 2010. That’s only one chapel! It’s not hard to figure why so many Brits recite their vows here or, even more often, come to reconfirm their vows. There is neither a legal waiting period to get married nor blood tests, while documentation requirements are minimal. More importantly, Las Vegas chapels provide some amazing marriage services for couples. Packages as low as $199 still include limousine service! Vegas also offers endless options for stag and hen parties as well as the honeymoon.

Taking nuptials by storm are brides who arrange to have their weddings webcast live and now most Sin City chapels are set up to put services right on the internet. One, the Chapel of the Flowers again, takes it one step further by using a type of teleconference system for family. While the happy pair are saying ‘I do’ in Vegas, back home in Manchester auntie and grandma can not only watch the ceremony live but can also chat with the bride and groom. It is a service based on Skype technology and it can only be a matter of time before other chapels follow suit.

Here are three very different chapels with very different ways to get married.

The Little Chapel of the Flowers

The title says ‘little’ and the front chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard blazes flowers and romance. Behind the scenes it is personalised efficiency with several themed chapels (the Victorian is most popular), a large staff headed by seven full-time wedding planners and a fleet of white limousines to whisk bride and groom about. Standard wedding packages range from $199 to $10,000, although they’ll cater to almost any wish. The emphasis here is on traditional weddings with great photography to remember that special day.

(1717 Las Vegas Blvd South,, +01-702-735-4331)

Vegas Weddings

This Las Vegas wedding chapel offers services that are quick, convenient and incredibly easy, but definitely put the emphasis on QUICK! Located just two blocks from the government office where the winsome couple needs to acquire their wedding licence, Vegas Weddings made news when they opened up what was considered the very first drive-up wedding window. Yes, get married from your car or motorcycle or, with the new walk-up window, simply stand outside the window and tie the knot. The ‘slow’ ceremonies inside the two interior chapel/rooms last about a half hour, including the photography. There are also facilities for receptions.

(515 South 3rd St,, +01-702-570-6600)

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

If you are thinking of wedding on a Las Vegas Wild Side – where aliens, pirates, Klingons or Elvis himself are involved – then this converted motel on Las Vegas Boulevard is the place to go. Two transplants from Hollywood brought their ideas of glitz and dress-up to the Las Vegas Strip. Viva Las Vegas has a large costume selection for guests as well as the happy couple, along with several themed rooms for the happy event. The most popular is a Hawaiian/South Pacific Hall decorated with bamboo and palm fronds, where an Elvis in full dress drives the bride right into the room in a pink Cadillac. It is also one of the few Las Vegas chapels that will perform same-sex ceremonies, although these are not legally recognised.

(1205 Las Vegas Blvd South,, +01-702-384-0771)


Brit Tip

The State of Nevada does not require a waiting period or blood tests for a wedding to take place. The married couple will each need their passport and an official copy of their birth certificate – and the $60 fee, of course.