Brit Guide Las Vegas 2010/11

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Freemont Street Experience

For years the Brit Guide to Las Vegas has bemoaned the inconvenient and even dangerous situation for walking in Las Vegas. It is good to say that while Las Vegas still isn’t a great walking city, at least there have been great improvements. Some of the problems in the past had come from the continual construction that constantly transformed the city.

With the current economy, most work projects are finished and few new ones have started. Meanwhile a number of pedestrian overpasses across Las Vegas Boulevard has made walking about the Center Strip much easier, especially around City Center. Not only is the walking easier, but a new flood of street performers – musicians, acrobats, living statues and more – are making a stroll along the Strip great fun.

The Downtown area has always been walker-friendly and several blocks are closed to vehicular traffic for the Freemont Street Experience and the impressive evening light shows and bandstands for live entertainments. The main irritant here are the large crowds in the evening and the sometimes dodgy availability of parking.

Just east of the Freemont Street Experience is the home of the Entertainment District and here it is absolutely made for strolling with its hip cafés and clubs. In the evening it is wonderful as neon signs – resurrected from hotels and resorts long gone – blaze their glow along the streets with colourful memories from Las Vegas’ glory days.