Brit Guide Las Vegas 2010/11

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Perks of competition


Firstly, the really good news is that competition among resorts is heating up – and that’s brilliant! The combination of a weak economy and the opening of too many high-end resorts means it is hard to fill the 148,935 rooms Las Vegas offers. The hotels and resorts are busting out all of the stops to get heads in the beds. Hotel rates are down, discounts are up and resorts are looking for new ways to reach out to visitors.

Phone apps

One simple example is MGM Resorts International (owner of properties like MGM GrandBellagioMandalay Bay and others), which has introduced a wide range of phone apps. Users can download apps that include maps of greater Las Vegas as well as detailed maps of individual resorts. I love those with GPS tracking features – allowing you to pinpoint exactly where you are inside notoriously confusing casino floors. The apps can go with devices that use Google’s Android system and have already been downloaded by 200,000 iPhone users. Apps for the Blackberry's OS come out in spring 2011. If you have a phone that has an international reach you are already well served. However, if not it might be well worth the effort to see if there is a temporary plan to use your cell phone while visiting Las Vegas.

Player loyalty programs

With increased competition, the two biggest resort corporations in Las Vegas,Caesar’s Entertainment (previously Harrah’s Entertainment) and MGM Resorts International are fighting for every punter, and that’s good for all visitors. Caesar’s has long been considered the holder of the best loyalty program in Total Rewards. All customers using their membership card at any Caesar’s property anywhere – including for rooms and meals as well as placing the odd bet – has gained credits they can cash in for meals, payment of room charges and even cash. MGM has now run out their answer in MLife. Visitors can quickly earn credits they can use for meals or further credits on their room charges. For value-minded travellers it makes an incredible opportunity to sign up for a resort’s membership club and do as many activities as possible within the resorts connected to that club.

Many people are hesitant to give up any personal information to the resorts. Of course it is always a personal decision, but in most cases you’ll find that the benefits of joining these membership clubs far outweigh any irritation you might have from receiving advertisements you might receive by email. In any case they are free to join.