Brit Guide Las Vegas 2010/11

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What's new in Las Vegas

By Richard Lloyd Evans

Las Vegas pairs opulence and value, refinement and debauchery, style and crassness in a way that can only add up to memorable. This neon beacon drew 37,335,436 visitors in 2010 to the middle of the desert to gamble, shop, get married and leave it all behind. Sin City is a brazen lady that always stays the same, but somehow seems to remake herself regularly into some new and startling fashion.

The bible to read before you go is The Brit Guide to Las Vegas, a guide crammed with insider information and diligently updated every two years. However, Las Vegas stops for no man, woman or guidebook and what’s true yesterday can be old news today. Shows open and close with astonishing speed and a resort is old at a mere twenty years.

With this in mind, the wise traveller takes the information from any source and judges it in the harsh reality of now. So to aid you on that quest, here is an update (as of March 2011) of the happenings every Las Vegas visitor needs to know before you go.



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